Dessert Heaven, Ahoy!

The last two months of my life have been crazy busy. So busy that I haven’t been able to sit down and just let my words flow out onto a piece of paper, or in this case, a computer screen. However, the break has allowed me to re-focus as well as rejuvenate in a sense that although it seemed like there weren’t enough hours in a day, I was allowed to live in the moment and not document every single aspect of it. That little bit of digital detox was definitely needed!

That being said, I am back on track and I am ready to blog again!


For those of you who may not know, I am the biggest fan of the TV show MasterChef Australia and all that it stands for. I have seen every single season and will continue to see all the seasons to come until they stop producing it.

One of the contestants that I was rooting for in Season 7 was Reynold Poernomo – the dessert king! Looking at the dishes he made on TV just made me wish that he opened up a restaurant where I could eat them because OH MY GOD, the way he presented each of the dishes and the praise-worthy description from the judges were enough to make me crave them.

So naturally, when I heard that he was opening his own dessert bar in Sydney, I did a little dance because my wish had come true! However, for many different reasons it took me more than 6 months to actually go visit the place.

But on that hot sunny day last weekend mixed with major craving for amazing dessert and a sprinkle of spontaneity, I landed myself at the door of the KOI Dessert Bar.

The Desserts:

If you have been reading my food posts from the start, you would know that I usually enjoy describing the dishes I eat to the tiniest of details. However, on this rare exception I am just going to attach pictures of the desserts I ate, and let them do the talking.

As you can see, each of the desserts were made and crafted so artistically, that you start salivating before you eat them. And let me tell you, once you took a bite of each of the desserts – you were guaranteed a ticket to heaven. The combinations of the ingredients along with the textures ensured a wholesome dessert experience!

The dessert bar is also located in a very accessible place on Kensington St and the decor of the place was cozy but refined in a colour scheme of black, white and yellow. Before entering the dessert bar, I assumed that this would be a price-y place due to the global recognition he has due to participating in the TV Show. But surprisingly, the prices were quite fair with each dessert’s price ranging between $11 to $20.

What’s more? The dessert bar now also offers Brunches and Dinners – complete with a dessert twist. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving. I now have more reasons to go back until I have tried every single item off that menu. Those ‘being fit’ new year’s resolutions can stay on hold until then!


As if the dessert experience in itself wasn’t sweet enough, I had the most exciting encounter with Reynold himself!


Safe to say, I’m definitely going back for more desserts by the Dessert King himself.


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Writing from Food Heaven,

Deeksha xxx


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