Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA and not posting for two weeks. It has been extremely busy prepping for exams and I’m trying to stay as dedicated as I can to this blog! I have a lot of material coming soon but they just need to be finalised.

That being said, here’s the post for this week!


It all began a few days ago, when I was scrolling through and sorting my emails. I was just about to delete the email because I though it was irrelevant until I read the subject which said ‘FREE STYLIST ADVICE’. Now, I was sold at the word ‘Free’ and so, I booked a stylist advice session. Personally, I usually wear what I like and looks good on me. But we all have our little queries for which we just want answers tailored to ourselves (pun intended!).

So, yesterday I went in for my half and hour appointment with Jade – a personal stylist based in Sydney. I have lived long enough to know that every material thing in life comes at a price. What was surprising was that, she literally did not try to sell me anything at all! All she provided were good, honest opinions about trends and stores. Needless to say, she was extremely nice and easy to chat with and literally answered all my questions.

But, what I didn’t know was that located right next to her, there was a hair stylist giving free style do-overs as well. So, I signed up for that as well! The amazing hair stylist, Roza, who also owns Total Bliss – Hair and Body Spa, was so lovely to work with as she answered all my hair queries and obviously styled my hair to perfection.

Since I didn’t have a particular event to get to, I was completely at a loss for what I wanted to do with my hair and so instead she just asked me what my natural hair texture was, and then she did the opposite – which was flat iron it using a one pass technology and giving it a modern twist by adding a top knot!

All I can say is that if anyone is keen to get fashion advice or get a glam do-over then, these amazing ladies are just a phone ring away! As for me, if I do have another massive event to attend and want a professional to create my look, I will be sure to give Total Bliss a ring!


FOLLOW JADE: @styledbyjade

FOLLOW ROZA: @totalblisshairandbodyspa_


FOLLOW ME: @deeksha97

I felt mad trendy,

Deeksha xxx


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