For the past 2 weeks, the major astrological news that has been flooding the Internet is that apparently our beloved star signs ARE NO LONGER THE SAME! Crazy, Right? It literally took me around 3 days to soak in this information and well, re-evaluate my life because it almost seemed like the past 19 years of my life have been a lie.

I thought back to all the times I spent reading my horoscope; with a pinch of salt of course, unless it was something good like my love life was finally going to pick up or that I was going to get a bonus on a job that I did not even have. My constellation, Aries, has always been there for me, whether I believe in today’s horoscope or not – helping me understand my life better. Hell, I  am such a believer that I even have an ‘Aries’ mug which I am quite smug about to be honest.

Hell, I am such a believer that I even have an ‘Aries’ mug which I am quite smug about to be honest.

So, after hearing this heart-breaking news and briefly grieving about it, I decided that I wasn’t going to change my beliefs without first doing a little investigation of my own. And, thus this post is dedicated to finding out if the star-signs are really changing?



The major uproar was created when claims were being made that NASA had apparently changed the months assigned to each star sign and had even added an additional star sign to the list.  The post on Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and many other internet sources indicated that almost everyone’s star sign was completely different in order to accommodate the new sign called ‘Ophiuchus’.


– A great website where you can check your new star sign in an interactive manner is BBC iWonder. Click here to find yours – you may even be the lucky few who get to claim the new star sign!


After reading the wonderfully written article in the Independent, it has finally been put to rest that NASA has not changed the star signs. Phew!

But there is some truth to the different star sign theories as well as the existence of the new star sign, Ophiuchus. The simple reason for the change is that it has been over 2000 years since the Babylonians first created the zodiac signs as we know it, and since then the Earth has evolved and moved due to a process called ‘precession’ (Independent). More so, the constellation Ophiuchus did exist but may not have been taken into consideration in order to neatly align the 12 months to the 12 signs.

Will there be change?

It may be true that the star under which we were born is different to what we have grown up believing we were born under. But just like the author in the Independent, I completely believe that the main reason why zodiacs are given their power, is because of our belief in it.

So, I guess it is up to us to change it whenever we are ready to. But one thing  that is for sure is that NASA is not interested in meddling with the star signs – they just did the math. They have more important things like figuring out if Pluto is a planet or not :’).

As for me, I am not yet ready to ditch my mug or stop being part of the ‘Aries’ clique any time soon. I may reduce my dependency on it and even slowly accept the idea of being a Pisces but let’s be real, once an Aries always an Aries!


Dates: http://sugarscape.cdnds.net/16/02/1452777587-3c58e9ed-695c-45a7-bea2-81887e619ab9.jpg
Zodiac Wheel: http://www.wellnesstoday.com/sites/default/files/article/zodiac_signs.png

**PS: I know I only cite one article in this whole post, but after reading many, I picked the Independent as the best source as it seemed to have all the relevant information in an easy to understand format. Check out the link to get a more in-depth understanding.


Let’s not be literal zodiac killers, 

Deeksha xxx


11 thoughts on “What?! DIFFERENT STAR-SIGNS?

    1. I like the interesting viewpoint taken in your article about the geocentric basis of astronomy as well as the Barn’s Lane example on how the constellations were actually just used as markers. And I strongly resonate with the quote provided by Carl Sagan – thank you for sharing.


  1. Long time ago I read a book on sun signs written by an American Author Linda Goodman. According to her our sun signs depends on where ( geographically calculated by latitude and longitude) and when (day and time) . To me it seems more logical. I feel that the sun signs that we are following by mere months of the year are too general and so I don’t take it seriously. It’s difficult to believe that everyone in the world born between 24th Oct and 22nd Nov are Scorpions and have the same characteristics. But just for fun I’m happy to be a Scorpio !

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    1. That is a very valid opinion and I thank you for sharing it. I think that it is because of valid beliefs such as these that our zodiac system is presently given such a high regard. But the truth in such cases, I think just depends on what someone chooses to believe and rationalises with. I guess to each their own 🙂


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