Mini Shopping Spree

Around two weeks ago, a wonderful event took place – H&M finally opened a store in Wollongong! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the opening or the day after as I had heaps of assignments and this sad thing called ‘studying’ to do. But after the whirlwind of Mid-session tests, my stars finally aligned and I managed to squeeze in a visit to one of my favourite stores.

H&M is one of my favourite stores to shop in for many reasons that I will now sum up in one line: trendy pieces in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes that is super affordable. And the best bit, they have started a new campaign that I love called H&M Conscious which is all about “making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable”.

The Wollongong store wasn’t the best of the best H&M stores I have visited because some of the clothing pieces were mixed up and not kept in the section they were meant to be in. Also, it was a smaller store which meant that not all the current styles were displayed.

Nevertheless, just the thought of having such a familiar store right next to me felt like a home away from home.


This Stunning dress was for $30 on sale. I love the two piece look and the floral pattern makes it so perfect for Spring*. I wore this to a recent cocktail party and got heaps of compliments on it – a total winner in my eyes!

This pair of faux leather Jeggings were for $10 on sale and has the look and feel of a $30 leather pant. I think the cute zips on the side just adds that extra bit of style. It’s stylish and so comfy.

This jersey  bodycon dress was on sale for $7.95 and was so flattering as the center pattern made me look so slim. Also, the material was super stretchy and comfy. I love this dress because you can totally dress it up or down.


I have wanted an overall since the day I grew out of my green ones that I used to wear when I was 10. This cute skirt overall was for $30 on sale and is literally getting me so excited for summer*! Plus, overalls never go out of style.

*The seasons in Australia are the other way around 🙂


Another store that I briefly stepped into was Dotti. The store had some amazing pieces but unfortunately I had spent all my money in H&M and so I only managed to grab one top from here. Nonetheless, I think that this store may just go on my favourite’s list because I literally wanted to buy so many things from that store.


This cute peter pan collar top was for $9.95 on sale and is perfect for work or casual formal occasions.

And now I’m broke again lol,

Deeksha xxx


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