In this world, we can never run out of sources of inspiration or ideas. They can come in many different shapes and forms but it’s always there; all around you. And all you have got to do is RECOGNISE it.  You got this Gal!

– The Things I say to myself when I have ‘nothing to wear’ –

We have all been in that situation where we think we don’t have anything to wear but really we just need that little boost to think outside the box. But sometimes, the easy way out is just to buy more clothes! 😉

Before I start, I’d just like to say that I literally just buy what I like or what looks good on me. I thought that sharing my purchases would be a fun thing to do because I personally love to see what other people have managed to grab when shopping. The clothes I bought this time are from many different stores both in Dubai and Australia.

So, let’s get going with my first haul post!



20160814_162629 [97403]
Splash in Outlet Mall (Dubai) – AED 15
20160814_162720 [97402]
H&M – Got it as a gift. But it is so cute that I just had to put it in the post!
20160814_163033 [97239]
Splash (Mall of the Emirates) – AED 90 individually [or 2 for AED 100, the deal I took]
20160814_162832 [97240]
Splash (Mall of the Emirates) – 2 for AED 80 (I got the same in the colour blue as well)
20160814_164425 [96905]
H&M(Dubai) – AED 20 [down from AED 150] YASS!
20160814_164440 [96904]
Love the Gold Zip Accent and lovely suede material!
20160815_003402 [97483]
Splash (Outlet Mall) – AED 10










20160814_163421 [97237]
Splash (Outlet Mall) – AED 30 (Such a steal, I still cant believe it!)
20160814_163507 [97236]
Splash (Outlet Mall) – AED 20
20160814_163319 [97238]
Splash (Mall of the Emirates) – AED 50
20160814_164931 [97485]
Bardot (Australia) – AUD 44.95 [down from $89.95]

WINTER WEAR: (because it’s the other way around down under)

20160814_163811 [96908]
ICE (Aus) – Each for $15.95
20160814_163945 [96907]
Miss Shop (Aus) – AUD 29 [down from AUD 60]
20160814_165152 [97484]
H&M (Dubai) – AED 30 [down from AED 99] Absolutely love the little zip detail.
20160814_164248 [96906]
Forever 21 (Dubai) – AED 40 [down from AED 59] (Lovely shade of Periwinkle)

20160814_164757 [97486]
Splash (Mall of the Emirates) – In a deal of 2 for AED 80
20160814_164617 [97487]
Splash (Mall of the Emirates)-  In a deal of 2 for AED 100
20160812_143751 [97567]
H&M (Dubai) – AED 30 (down from AED 99)


20160721_185119 [97566]
Shoe Mart (Dubai) – AED 60 (Down from AED 120)
20160721_185238 [97565]
Super Comfy Wedge Heels! Absolutely love the pattern.
20160721_202128 [97564]
Forever 21 – Got it as a gift! Love the design!
FYI: The Splash Store is a major retail store in Dubai that sells different brands and styles. The Outlet Mall has cheaper prices than the rest because as the name suggests, it’s an outlet store. It is literally the best discovery I made about a year ago! Most of the products sold in the outlet store aren’t that great but there are a few gems that can be found for sure. You just have to dig deep to find it!

That’s all from this haul. Hope you enjoyed it,
Deeksha xxx



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