Flying Solo!

About two weeks ago, I flew back to Australia from Dubai – ready to get back into the daily grind. The whole travel to and from both the countries has now become a constant in my life but it never fails to excite me every single time.

Usually, I have always flown with my entire family or at least one adult. Except on this occasion, I flew solo. Well, that’s only if you don’t count my kid brother who travelled with me. But I was the adult in this situation, which meant that I had adult responsibilities, although many of the airport personnel had to double check and verify who the older one was compared to the two of us.

One even went on to ask me if I was going to get a child’s meal! I took it as a joke and I hope to God that it was meant to be one. #babyfaceproblems

Anyways, the check-in bit was simple because my dad was there and could help me out although it was pretty straight forward. After we said our goodbye’s we were truly on our own. Now, as I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve done this many times, but I’ve never been solely in charge of all the documents and passports. Just the thought of being super responsible, alert and keen at all times during this 14 hour journey seemed quite daunting at first. But as soon as we went through the many stages of checking, my anxiety of misplacing any of the bags or forgetting the gate number or flight time reduced and I was back to my usual relaxed flyer demeanour.

The entry was smooth and was all completed in about half an hour. Since we didn’t have any duty free shopping to do, we went to go try out the Marhaba Lounge at the Dubai International Airport. It was my first time doing this because we normally eat and do some shopping and before you know it, it’s time to head to the gates.

So, I managed to get a free entry for both my brother and I, as I had the credit card that had an alliance with this Lounge. So, I was expecting an ultra-fancy place and absolutely received something similar.

The interior of the Lounge looked like I had entered a lobby of a fancy hotel. There were some plush seats, TV’s and tables with decorative pieces on them. What’s more is that they had free Wi-Fi! In my experience, even if an airport promises free Wi-Fi, it’s always really slow or for a limited time period. But here, I had Grade A quality Wi-Fi for as long as I wanted. This truly made me feel like I was at home.

Snapchat-6984697895654415636 [85906]

There also had a mini buffet which had a good range of food provided. Since I was flying at an awkward time for a proper meal, I just managed to taste some of their desserts and some amazing wine leaves. Overall, the food was alright in taste but hey, it was for free!

Snapchat-4635245272004825730 [85908]

Lastly, the toilet in this place was absolutely mind-blowing (at least as per airport standards). Again, in my experience, some of the airport toilets are pretty decent whereas others just make you want to run out of them. This one, on the other hand, looked like I had just visited the Toilets of a 5 star hotel like Atlantis.

You know a toilet is fancy when they serve individual hand towels and free hand-lotion.

In about an hour or so, we left the Lounge and headed to the gates where we then boarded our first plane to Singapore and then took another one from Singapore to Australia. In the end, it was a fun experience and I literally cannot wait to try out more Lounges!

20160723_052158 [86055].jpg
Until next time,
Deeksha xxx

(PS: Juggling uni work with attempting to have a social life while I try to squeeze in an 8 hour sleep time makes it hard, sometimes, to stick to my posting schedule. But if you would like to read my daily life updates in less that 140 characters (unlike my posts haha) then feel free to follow me on twitter: @deeksha97)


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