The 5km Run – With a twist!

Last weekend, would have been my average weekend- get up, study, workout, work and of course, procrastinate. Except, for the FIRST TIME EVER,  Wollongong held the much anticipated COLOUR RUN and I went for it!

Despite going to a Colour Run held in Dubai, I was super keen for this Run. Not only did it have a new Tropicolour theme, which meant that a new range of coloured powder was going to be flung at us, but it also had a new ‘ice’ foam section and DJ’s  who not only had some sick beatz to drop but also brought along heaps of FREE STUFF  like socks.

Also, running along the sparkling beach on Wollongong’s hottest day while getting fit, soaking in the amazing sights and getting that sexy tan, made this event seem like the ideal stress reliever after finally finishing the bulk-load of Uni assignments. And the best bit, I got to spend it with all my friends!

I mean, I LIVE for ALL of this! It was really a no-brainer.

  • Cost: 2 tickets for $80 (There was a stall at Uni giving us a discount)
  • TROPIKIT: 1 headband, 1 t-shirt, tattoos, 1 packet of colours, 1 medal, 1 sunglass, balloon water-fillers, wrist bands, etc.


On the day…

The Run started at 8 am and so we first collected our number bibs and waited at the start line which released groups of people at 10 minute intervals to manage the crowds. This was a Fun Run in which people of all ages and abilities could participate and so, the lanes were initially split between people who wanted to run and those who didn’t. Eventually, however, the lanes merged because, let’s be real, this was mainly a non-competitive FUN RUN!

There were 5 colour stops: PURPLE, BLUE, PINK, ORANGE and GREEN

As we reached the end, there was the foam pit followed by a bubble pit. At the end of the Run, we were given extra packets of which the colour yellow was also handed out. Water was also provided at regular intervals and there were stalls for food and merch at the main arena. The Music Zone was where the Festival was held. I absolutely loved how the Dj’s interacted with the audience by bringing a few people up on stage for random dance-off’s along with organising co-ordinated colour throws to ensure that we were completely drowned in colour by the end of the event.

In the end…

Every inch of my body was covered in colour, so much so that it seemed as though a rainbow had exploded on me. Getting cleaned up afterwards seemed like a slightly daunting task but wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be as the colours came out easily in one single shower. However, some of my clothing was heavily stained, so I was glad I chose oldish clothes to wear to the event.

I would DEFINITLEY  recommend this event to anyone to try out at least once in their life, even if you have played Holi (Indian Festival of Colours) as this event is structured as a Run. The Colour Run was not for charity but people could still use this Run as a venue to individually fundraise for any cause that is dear to their heart. Last but not least, a big shout out to all the Volunteers on the day who kept motivating us to keep going and didn’t hold back when it came to dousing us with colours.

All in all, the event lived up to my Expectations and beyond. It left me feeling happy, energised and definitely COLOURED from head to toe!



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Deeksha xxx








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