For the past three months, I have included liquid chlorophyll as part of my daily dietary routine and today’s post is going to be all about this green elixir that famous stars such as Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, swear by.

So, I bought the Swisse liquid chlorophyll in the mixed-berry flavour from the local Costco store, where they had a deal for a pack of three for some insanely cheap price. Gotta love Costco for blessing us with the opportunity to buy in bulk prices! And for those of you’ll out there that judge the quality by the prices (I know I’m guilty of it), let me assure you that this brand is safe and is even found in pharmacies such as Chemist Warehouse (where the prices are slightly higher for the individual product [$13.99/500 ml]). Also, a super trusted source of mine gave me the thumbs up to go try this product out, and this person never tries ANYTHING until they have searched every corner of the internet to get answers. So, this product is definitely in our good books.

THE BENEFITS  (LIVESTRONG.COM; Global Healing Center):

  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Reduces B.O. (Anti-Bacterial)
  • Helps with weight loss (Controls Hunger)
  • HEAPS of Anti-Oxidants
  • Promotes healthy Iron levels
  • Could be a possible Anti-Carcinogenic


Before trying out Chlorophyll, I did heaps of research and looked into any source to find any kind of disadvantages with it. I mean ALL these benefits without a side-effect? There definitely has to be a catch. So far, there hasn’t been any side-effects that have been reported after 50 years of research with the only exception that your feces might come out green! Which is a true but harmless side-effect for all these other benefits you receive.

I started out initially by taking a 3 ml shot of concentrated liquid chlorophyll every morning before I ate anything, as recommended, because I expected the pre-added flavours to actually camouflage it. I would just like to warn anyone who wants to try it to be aware of the fact that no flavour can EVER camouflage the distinct taste to chlorophyll. It is as though you have ingested a whole bunch of spinach or silver-beet at a go without any flavouring. Definitely not pleasant! So, I don’t really know if there is any difference between the flavoured and non-flavoured options. However, when I mix the 3 ml with a tall glass of my trusted orange juice, you can literally taste none of it. Hurray to that!

Personally, I always look to my skin to judge how healthy I am because I have been told quite often that your skin is a window to how healthy you are internally. And let me tell you, after a week of drinking this stuff, my skin started looking great! By great, I don’t mean perfect, even complexion with no flaws what so ever. I still had my dark circles and the odd whitehead but I could see that my skin just looked healthy and clear. Probably because of the increased amount of anti-oxidants that helped the blood circulation. Additionally, I feel like the chlorophyll acted as a lubricant for my digestive system and Oh My! – It has been a smooth cycle ever since; each ‘package’ arriving like clockwork.

I know some of you’ll might still be skeptical, I know I was. So, I decided to give it a break in between and I could totally see the difference. My skin looked tired and my trouble areas started becoming bothersome again.

There hasn’t been too much research on this topic with regards to this alkaline – based supplement with relation to its effects when taken with other medications. You would have to check with your doctor for that. But as long as you start slow with the doses and remain within the recommended range, then it is nothing but the best detox you could gift your body!

**PS: Please do not overdose. Too much may disrupt your body’s functioning pattern. As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small quantities’. Even a drop or two works really well. **

Try it and send your friends green with envy,
Deeksha xxx





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