Friendly Inn Bistro (Kangaroo Valley)

This weekend I ventured down the south coast of Australia and went to explore the beautiful Kangaroo Valley. While I went there mainly to soak in all the classic countryside scenes, I could not leave the place without trying some of their food. The Restaurant that I checked out was the, Friendly Inn Bistro (that converts into a bar at night).


It is a fairly large restaurant that had an Indoor and Outdoor seating plan, that allowed for groups of all sizes. There was also an area that was mainly dedicated to the Bar which had your ol’ rustic feels to it. Placed in the dining area,  was an open kitchen where one can see their orders being prepared by the lovely chefs. Cleanliness is a key requirement and they nailed it! There was a lot of Self-Service. We had to make our orders at the cash counter and collect our own food when the buzzer beeped. However, the chef’s service was pretty good as the food was out within half an hour of ordering which was brilliant! The prices were reasonable and the portions that you got for each dish could easily serve 1-2 people.


This Trip I only managed to try out one dish because I snacked waayy too much on the journey to the Valley, which was quite unfortunate as I really wanted to try so many items that they had on their menu (Check it out:

Snapchat-8315391956200841432 [314557].jpg

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA (Fresh chicken schnitzel with bacon, tomato pesto sauce, melted cheese chips & salad – $23.00)

The presentation was pretty and clean as can be seen in the Picture. The steak fries were crunchy yummy goodness just like your average good set of fresh fries. The chicken was deep fried and salted well. The chicken by itself wasn’t too heavy as I feel like they drained the excessive oil before plating the chicken. But the chicken along with the cheese and other things added to it could make the meal slightly heavy, if you have a small appetite. The chicken had a crispy exterior and soft interior, which allowed for that perfect crunch element. The small bits of Bacon on it were almost like frosting for the chicken.

The tomato sauce added on top was tangy and helped cut through the heavy cheese. But I am unsure if they freshly produced it, as it tasted quite like the Dolmio Bottled Sauces that I use at home. But I’m not one to complain for such tiny issues, because bottled sauces are pretty decent as long as they haven’t expired.

The salad provided was nothing too fancy. It basically compromised the general veg that one can find in their refrigerator all chopped roughly. But it was fresh and clean which is what truly matters!


Overall the meal was just your perfect ‘pub-grub’ sorta meal; unabashedly full of flavour and fatty goodness without all the fancy frills! If you do head down there, be sure to check it out!

Deeksha xxx



2 thoughts on “Friendly Inn Bistro (Kangaroo Valley)

  1. Hey I ate there too and a variant of the Chicken Parmigiani, which had bacon and eggplant on the chicken schnitzel instead of cheese. I enjoyed it very much too. The drive to Kangaroo valley is worth it offering great views of the landscape, although could be challenging for new drivers.

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