Review: Shovi’s Beauty Lounge (Dubai)

Beauty Lounges, Salons, Parlors, or whatever you refer to them as,  are crucial institutions that can literally make or break your style – especially when it comes to our hair. And so, reviews such as these can literally be LIFESAVERS.

In February this year, I was in Dubai and was looking around for a new salon. That’s when I stumbled across Shovi’s Beauty Lounge based on a family friend’s recommendation.  This is a fairly new business, so mind you, I was a bit scared to try it out. But I trusted my source of recommendation, who by the way has great hair ALWAYS, and took the semi-leap of faith.

Here is my experience:

I initially just went in to get a haircut and wash but then I remembered I was on holiday and so I went all out!

They first started with giving me a quick wash with some shampoo and then applied this moisturising cream called Hair Spa to my wet hair. Amazingly, they even gave me an upper back massage to help me relax and I’m assuming, to get into the SPA MODE.  Snapchat-3046875577051316434

Can I just tell you that those 10 minutes were pure heaven and the masseuse managed to release every single tight spot I had. After days of continuous travel, that’s all a girl could ask for.

They then applied the ‘heat machine’ (I have no idea what they are actually called but that’s what I’ve always been calling them haha) and let it work its magic with the cream. The wet napkin on my skin was to protect my facial pores from opening up with the heat.

While that was happening, they managed to squeeze in a quick mani-pedi session inclusive of arm and foot massages as well. The lady managed to get all the steps of nail care and massage done in under half an hour, with the results looking nothing less than FLAWLESS. If that doesn’t define efficiency, then I don’t know what will.

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The next step was to take me back to the shower bowl and rinse off the cream. Once that was done, I was sent to get my hair trimmed and blow-dried. As per usual, I take a set of pictures to show the stylist what sort of hairstyle I have in mind because let’s face it, It’s HAIR we’re talking about.


Usually, many of them fail to take into account the fact that my hair, if it dries naturally, is going to get very curly but this stylist did not. At every step of the way she kept looking back at the picture, informing me of what she was doing and how that was going to affect my hair. As you can guess, this communication led to amazing results!

All I can say is, I am so happy I took this leap of faith and because well, the results look FABULOUS!

They have heaps of other services as well which I obviously did not get a chance to explore but when I’m back in Dubai, I’m definitely revisiting so that I can try them out 🙂 Please go give them some love because they do their job so well and it is really value for money!


LOCATION: Cluster ‘C’ of Gold Crest Executive building on the 2nd floor, Flat 209, Jumeirah Lake Towers. 4-5 mins walk from the JLT Metro stop, next to Carrefour.

Contact Details:

Phone: +971 4 4474168



Deeksha xxx

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